The Escape

Where: Carnegie Mellon University - Entertainment Technology Center
When: Fall 2019
Tools: Procreate
Team: Team of 4 , 2 Weeks 
Project Description
“The Escape” is a 2D 4 player multiplayer storytelling game built for Jam-O-Drum. 
My Role: 2D Artist
For this game, my role was to create the title screen, characters and the cut scenes that depict the story. I used Procreate to create the 2D assets. I used reference images for some of my assets while some were conceptualized from imagination.
Title Screen

Nerd Guy

Red Head

Big Dude


Boss - Cashier

Big Dude - Bodyguard

Nerd Guy - Bus Boy

Red Head - Jobless

Robbing the owner

Shoot scene


Prison elevator without doors

Escape to car

Final Escape