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StillLife with GL

Project Description
Imitated a still life scene using OpenGL in C++. This required implementing the 2D graphics pipeline that includes Shading, Lighting and Texture Mapping and reads the object file formats of the 3D models. Modeled the objects for this scene in Blender.
Language: C++ and OpenGL

Shortest Path Problem in Java User Interface

Project Description
Implemented a solution in Java to solve the Euclidean Shortest Path Problem. The problem space contained a set of polyhedral
obstacles in euclidian space and a starting point and an ending point. JAVA Swing was used to developing the User Interface that aids the user to draw his obstacles, plot the starting point and destination point and shows the visualization of the traced shortest path.
My Role
I was responsible for creating the User Interface using Java Swing that takes in the obstacles and starting and destination point and gives the collection of points to the next steps. After deriving the shortest path points, I was responsible for retrieving the same to visualize the shortest path as the end result.
Please see the detailed report at
For code samples please see
1. PointO. java
Language: Java
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