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Real Time Facial Animation

Research Assistant, MAGIC, Rochester Institute of Technology

Blend shapes.PNG
Term: Spring 2018, Rochester Institute of Technology
Project Description
Inspired by these secret corridors, this exhibit presents virtual passageways connecting various locations on campus and allows visitors to talk with others via specially created avatar faces. Using facial motion capture technology, facial expressions of a user are captured and are used to control these avatar faces, which are, in turn, viewed by others in the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences (GCCIS), the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences (CIAS), and the MAGIC center.
Extension Projects: Virtual Karaoke, Unabridged Emotions
My Role: Technical Artist, Programmer and 3D Modeling Artist
My primary work involved reworking existing Facial models, originally developed by CIAS department, to suit the requirement of Faceware LIVE that included creating the required corrective blend shapes in Maya and interfacing the 3D model with Faceware LIVE in Unity. All my work has been extensively detailed in the report above, available for download. Lastly, I was responsible for setting up the final project and exhibiting the same at ImagineRIT 2018.
Technical: Unity3D, Autodesk Maya, Faceware LIVE, Photon Voice Unity Asset.​
Exhibited at ImagineRIT 2018 and several Open Houses for incoming students at RIT in 2018
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