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Chapter 2: Did you say textures?

We wanted to go for a sandbox type world for Chapter 2 -

The element was to use a Texture Editor to create DIY textures and apply it to the world outside.

How do I use visual storytelling to direct the players attention to find the texture editor? How does this texture editor look like?

Our designers wanted it to be abstract - that blends with the gallery. After researching through different modern art museum images, I realized how abstract statues fit perfectly into these worlds. I decided to build a sculpture that fits into this world and also insinuates a texture editor.

After racking my brain for quite a while, I finally had it! I wanted three key elements - color, medium to use that color, spotlight! WOHOO! Why not have a floating hand with colors dripping into an RGB pool - right in the center of the gallery?! For a more abstract and fantasy feel, I had three RGB point lights on top to throw some more light on the sculpture!

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