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Chapter 2: Have fun coloring!

Goal is to create a gallery of textures that the player can enter, choose, exit the gallery and color the outside world. Retaining the same digital feel of the world and the color palette from Chapter 1, here are the two environments I made as we embark on the next chapter of Alice in her adventure to find Brad!

Goal was to use simple and familiar shapes and lighting to create visually compelling worlds. I used volume scattering from Arnold for the God rays and heavy use of mesh lights, area lights and spotlights for general lighting of the scene.

Here are some screenshots with different lighting settings and iterations.

Here is a sandbox world I built that the player will texture. The references I used was of digital words with data clouds, voxels, tesseracts, point clouds, data stream, amplitudes, waves etc..

In this world, I created a visualization between nature's elements and digital world elements since our storytelling was based in a digital world of a Baxi player.

I visualized trees as voxels, clouds are data clouds, stones as messaging iconography and grass as location icon. The mountains are abstract and distorted. I used a hexagonal geometric shaped tiles to induce more digitalness into the world.

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