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Project Branding: Interactive Academy with Inanimate Alice !

As a lead artist on our Interactive Academy Team for the Fall 2020 semester project, I am designing 2D assets and 3D worlds for a 2D point and click experience inspired by our client Inanimate Alice's digital novels. This experience is aimed at middle school children for sparking interest in STEAM. Following is the branding poster for our project made in Adobe Illustrator.

My design thought behind this poster:

"I wanted something that reflected STEAM, gamification and spark. Therefore, I composed a jigsaw of STEAM highlighting the union through puzzle nature of our experience. We were teaching game design that sat right in middle of our experience, basically the element that bind all the aspects together - I symbolized that emotion by designing a game controller at the center. The bulb reflects "throwing light on" emotion. Together it is throwing light on STEAM through a gamified experience. Since it is an educational experience, I decided the overall look to give off a vibe of a text book or a journal. "

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