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Retopologied, UV-ed and Ready to go, maybe?

Here are some exciting results... only after some

1. Wait, my symmetry was off!! Role back to file no 30.

2. Wait, my hair is asymmetrical and the symmetry was on!!!! Roll back to file no 36.

3. Wait, why does my cleanup show so many non manifold geometries? Uh oh. Need to check every face now.

4. Wait, did that edge loop just lead to this triangle right here?

5. Oh no, how did I get a pentagon! Oh wait!! I should not delete edge loops like this without seeing where they fold!!

6. Uh Oh, how do I join too little geometry to too much geometry. Lets make trapezoid towers!

7. Okay, lets delete the ZBrush model to see our topology mesh now! Good. Finally File no 50.

8. Okay, lets UV this! Cut, cut cut, unfold, unfold, unfold! Uh oh. Rotate. Uh oh. Scale! Uh Oh. Arrange. Okay. Perfect! Final_Final_0052. mb

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