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Week 1: Poster Design and Maya modeling!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The last few weeks have been pleasantly challenging. I believe I am in the process of creating a comfortable space for myself in different dimensions. I always wished that I could be one of the artistic software geniuses who knew their way around the hotkeys working at lightening speed, knowing almost every icon of the interface. I think I have finally landed on that path with the Poster and Logo design I am making for our project this semester. With multiple iterations, I realized three things - design is a different ballgame altogether; Its about the "little things" that although go overlooked to the viewer, either make or break the design. Secondly, practice, practice and practice. Lastly, do not shoot for perfection with the first design. Get all your elements composited. Iterate. Iterate until it matches the vision you had when you had nothing on the screen. Here is the latest version of our Poster.

In my animation class, I finally got my hands on with Maya. Until now, I felt I was trying to hit the blind spots - but now with an understanding of what to do and what not to do and why to do and why not to do, I feel I am now able to build my vision with almost a complete understanding of what and why I did what I did and how would I go to my next step.

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